Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


PhinkLogic Limited(RC 1613959), located in Lagos, Nigeria, controls riders and customers’ personal data. 

The term “we” or “us” or “our” refers to  Phinklogic Logic Ltd., a limited liability company, owner of the BOYBOY app founded in Nigeria. 

 By using our app and service, you trust us with your personal data and information. We are committed to keeping that trust. Therefore, this document will help you understand our privacy practices.

 Our privacy notice describes the personal data we collect and process, why we process them,  how we use and share, and the options available to you regarding this information.

 We recommend that you read this privacy policy carefully. 

General Description

Data Control and Transfer 

Phinklogic  Ltd. is the controller of personal data collected regarding the use of BOYBOY  services in Nigeria, Africa, and globally. Questions, comments, and complaints about our data practices can be sent to us via email.


This policy  (including our end-user license agreement (EULA) as set out at either Phinklogic Ltd Website or BoyBoy Website and any additional terms of use included by reference into the EULA, and our Terms of Use) applies to all users of BOYBOY  services anywhere in the world.

It also includes users of our apps, websites, functions, or other services unless the EULA states that they are covered by a separate privacy policy. 

This policy describes how we collect, process, and use personal data that you have sent to us. 

We will refer to everyone subject to this notice as “users.”

Our data practices are subject to the laws in the states and countries we operate. This implies that the data practices outlined in this document are applicable in a country or in a region only if it is permitted by their laws.

If you have questions about our practices in specific regions, Contact us

Data we collect from you and how we use it

Data collected from you

We will collect and process the following information.

  • Data submitted by users: Information provided to us by users whether during registration, surveys, or forms filled on the Site. 
  • Data generated while using our app or services, such as device information, user location, and app usage information. 
  • Data we receive from third-party sources such as contractors, business and technical partners, advertising networks, etc. 

Data submitted by Users

We collect user data when you fill forms,  register or subscribe to use our app or service. Also, we collect user data when you communicate with us (email, chats, or call). 

  • User profile information 

When you create an account or update your account, we collect information such as Name, Phone Number,  Email, username and password, Address, Date of birth, vehicle license information, profile picture, bank account details, financial, credit, and debit card information, identification documents, such as International passport number and images, voters card information and photo,  riders license and images, signature, and photo

We also collect data from insurance, local government, and vehicle registration data from riders and partners. 

  • Background and security information

We may collect or authorize third parties to obtain background and security check information of riders and partners. We may also verify or ask third parties to verify their identity or collect other useful data. 

  • General data

We collect other user information when they drop comments and reviews, give ratings or acknowledgments, contact customer service, and support. We may also collect demographic data about users through surveys, reviews, and questionnaires.  

Data generated while using our app or services

Device information: 

We may collect data on the type of device used to access our services, including technical information like device model, model number,   operating system and version, IMEI number, hardware models, IP address, serial number, operating systems and versions, software type, preferred languages, network information, time zone, and region. 

Location data: We may request for user location data. If the user permits and enables location access, we will collect location data to improve service delivery, provide trip estimates, provide customer support, and detect fraud.

 Transaction data

We collect data from transactions related to the use of our app and services. Information collected may include the service request type, sender and receiver information, date and time of delivery, price of delivery, breakdown of fees, payment method, discounts, and promos.

Usage Data

We collect data about user interactions and access to our app services. We collect information such as browser type, date and time of use, app crashes, pages visited or function used, and other activities. We use special technologies such as tags, pixels, and cookies to collect this information.


We use cookies to differentiate users on our app, website, or services, to provide a personalized user experience and for analytical purposes. It also allows us to improve our services. For detailed information on the cookies we use and why we use them. See our Cookie Policy

We also contract our partners to handle business for us and, therefore, may also allow third parties to perform research and analytical services for us, advertise on our behalf through the internet, and track and inform us about the ad performance. These partners may use SDK, tags, cookies, web beacons, and other technologies to carry out these advertisements and track performance. 

Communication data

We provide communication services between users and with PhinkLogic (and BoyBoy) on our website and apps. Communications could be through SMS, In-app chats, calls, involving text, and file exchange. 

We collect communications-related data and use this data to carry out data analysis, provide improved customer service and support, and resolve disputes between users. 

Data we receive from third-party sources

We work with third parties. Therefore, we collect data from contractors,  suppliers, business, and technical partners, advertising networks and marketing service providers, research companies, public sources, other service providers, insurance companies, banks, regulatory agencies, and other financial service providers. 

How we use personal data

Data helps us deliver efficient and reliable delivery services.  While we collect your data to serve you better, we do not sell or disclose users’ personal to third parties except the user provides consent. 

We collect data for the following purposes. Phinklogic  uses the information collected for the following purposes:

1. Provide services

We use the information we collect to provide better services, like creating user accounts, facilitating delivery, payments processing, tracking trip progress, rider, and partner verification, in-app communication between users, customer support,  etc. 

2. Maintain and Improve Service

We use collected data to improve our service quality and provide personalized services and customer experiences. Also, we use data such as call recordings, reviews, and customer feedback to provide customer service and support. Phinklogic collects data such as user call recording (with users’ consent) to address user concerns and resolve disputes. 

3. Measure Performance

We collect and use data to measure and analyze how our services are used and users activity and interactions on our app and website 

4. Security

Users’ security is very important to us. We use personal data to maintain and improve user security and reliability of our services. 

We also detect, prevent, and respond to fraud, abuse, security risks, and technical issues that could be harmful to Phinklogic, Boyboy, our users, or the public.

Our rider selection process is detailed. We perform background, security checks, and identity checks to prevent fraudulent riders from using our platforms. We collect and use data to prevent and fight fraudulent activities, theft, and sabotage. 

5. Research and development

We may collect data for analysis, research, and development, artificial intelligence machine learning to improve security, operations, service, and user experience.  

6. Communication

We collect communication data to facilitate interaction between users and with Phinklogic. We also collect communication data to facilitate services,  improve service, resolve issues, improve security. We also use data to communicate and share information with users, inform users of changes in legal documents, products, services, and fees

7.  Marketing 

We may use your data to sell our services to users. It may include sending marketing communications to users about our services, functions, promos, raffles, studies, surveys, news, updates, and events.

8. Legal procedures and requirements

We may use the personal data we collect to investigate or resolve claims or disputes related to the use of our services, or as permitted by current law, or if requested by regulatory bodies, government entities, and official investigations.

9. Automation and Automated Systems

We use user data to automate several components of our services.  Phinklogic uses advanced technologies and systems to automate:

  • Pricing based on several factors, including distance, time, tolls, traffic, etc. They also automate functions including: 
  • Surge 
  • Trip assignment to riders
  • Cancellation fees
  • Account activation and deactivation
  • Reviews and ratings

We also analyze data to detect abuse such as spam, malware, and illegal activities. We also use algorithms to analyze, and recognize data patterns.

Data distribution and Exchange 

Some of our services and functions may require data exchange with other users and partners

Phinklogic can share the data we collect as follows:

1. Shared information with other users: 

We share names and details of the sender, the receiver, and the rider that will fulfill the request. We also share reviews,  ratings, and comments, or other information from both users, to the extent required by law

For our referral program, we will share certain personal data of the referrals, such as the delivery count, with the user who referred them to the extent necessary to determine the promotion.

2. With the general public

With the user’s permission. We may share personal data on public forums such as blogs, social media. This information will be available on the internet.

3. With Phinklogic business partners and service providers. 

Phinklogic may provide data to business and technical partners, contractors, research and development companies, suppliers, consultants, financial partners, marketing partners, market researchers, advertisers, the press, service providers, and government agencies. 

4. With Users Consent. 

Phinklogic may share data if the user agrees and gives consent for that data to be used in a specified manner.

5. For legal purposes or conflict resolution

Phinklogic may share users’ personal data if it’s a requirement by law, legal process,  regulation, license or agreement, or a request by the government or when the disclosure is required due to security or similar reasons.

6. Merger, Sale or other Assets

In an event where Phinklogic and its affiliates are involved in a merger, acquisition, financing due diligence, reorganization, bankruptcy, receivership, sale of company assets, or transition of service to another provider, then user data may be sold or transferred as part of such a transaction as permitted by law and/or contract. 

In such an event, Phinklogic will direct the transferee to use the data in a way that is consistent with the Privacy Policy in effect at the time such data was collected.

Access, correction, maintenance, and erasure of data

Phinklogic will store and maintain your personal data, including your profile information and transaction details, as long as you maintain your account. 

You can request for the erasure of your account at any time. You can visit the help center on our app or website. Also, you can write to us at

After receiving the request, we will respond to the request for deleting within three months and also specify the period your data will be erased.

We will only erase information that is not required to meet tax, regulatory, legal, insurance, safety legal, litigation, or other requirements. 

If we are required to retain data to fulfill the above requirements, we will specify a time period during which the data will be available. 

We may retain data for the purpose of a fraud investigation, prevention, and mitigation. Also, we will retain data to ensure the safety, the security of users, and the integrity of our services.

For example, if a user has outstanding payments, pending fees, credits, claims, or any unresolved issues, we will ensure these issues are resolved before the account is deleted. 

Legal basis for Data Collection and Processing

 Phinklogic collects and processes user data when there are legitimate reasons to do so.

We process user information:

  • To provide service and app functions
  • To meet tax, regulatory, legal, insurance, safety, legal, litigation, or other obligations.
  • To protect and further the legitimate interests of Phinklogic and or other stakeholders 
  • Based on the user’s consent. When users revoke their consent, we cease to use their data in line with the provision of this policy. 
  • To ensure users’ compliance with legal obligations.

Options and transparency

Our users have options and choices with respect to the data we collect. 

  1. Users can demand access, control, and transfer of information. Also, they can demand changes, updates, and erasure of their data. To make a request, Click here.
  2. Users can also withdraw access to a part of or their entire data. Phinklogic may continue to use this data to satisfy legitimate requirements or to the extent permitted by law. 
  3. Furthermore, users can review app and service settings to access key functions and personalize user experience. Users can access and control data through app and service settings, device and app permissions, subscriptions, and unsubscriptions to messages and notifications. 
  4. Users can provide access to their location by enabling or disabling it on their mobile devices. This data will help us deliver services, including delivery, navigation, customer support, and dispute resolution. 
  5. Users will receive notification about the delivery trip status, account updates, and other relevant notifications through the app, emails, texts, and other channels. These notifications are essential to enable us to deliver quality services and, therefore, cannot be deactivated.
  6. Users can allow us Phinklogic to send notifications on promos, discounts, news, and marketing messages. Also, they can activate or deactivate these notifications from the app settings.
  7. Users can subscribe and unsubscribe from marketing and promotional messages
  8. For mobile devices that require permission to access a certain type of data,  our app will automatically allow users to access data. 
  9. Ratings and reviews: Users can access data on reviews and ratings of customers and riders by other users.

Security of Your Data

Phinklogic will take appropriate measures to ensure your data is secure and used in line with this privacy notice. 

 Sadly, the internet has not yet been certified to be fully secure, but we will do our best to protect the data you supply to us. However, we cannot offer a full guarantee on your data, and we will not accept liability for unintentional disclosure. 

 By using the Site or providing data to us, you agree to the terms of this privacy policy and that we may communicate with you through electronic and non-electronic means with respect to security, privacy, and administrative issues relating to your use of the app or services. 

 We will notify you in case of any security risks and breaches by posting on notice on our Site or by sending you an email. 

Updates to this Policy

We update our policies regularly. Any updates or changes will be communicated to users through this page,  our apps, websites, emails, or other appropriate channels. 

After the updates, continuous use of our services will mean you have accepted the terms and conditions of this policy to the extent permitted by law.